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As Montana's central gathering place, it is our mission to bring together hard working families through commitment, community and passion, while providing unparalleled service, brewery fresh craft beer, great wine wrapped into one warm restaurant!


Central Feed Grilling Company

There are roughly three types of restaurants: new spots, old standbys, and the ones people talk about and want to visit no matter how far or time of year. Central Feed Grilling Company is a steakhouse, wine bar and haven for craft beer lovers all wrapped into a friendly, warm, inviting atmosphere located in the historic Mercantile Building in Downtown Lewistown, Montana. Yes, we are a new spot being talked about regionally for months. We will become a destination location in Montana no doubt becoming everyone’s standby for quality Montana sourced food, delicious craft beer, an amazing wine program and authentic hospitality.

Maybe you have been to a place while traveling where you left with a warm feeling knowing great heart and passion was behind the great food and service you received. When it comes to any self respecting American, let alone Montanan, Central Feed Grilling Company in Lewistown understands our success has a foundation of integrity, heart and trust. We are too good to ignore for long, so why not put us on your list of “go-to” destinations trusting we can’t wait to feed you craft beer, beautiful wines and incredible food.



Hours of Operation:
Monday through Sunday: 11:00 am to 9pm


Please call us at (406) 535-2337 to make a reservation.

Take out is available daily and may be called in any time.


You may also order takeout at from 11:30am to 2pm.

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