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Great Food, Great Beer, Great Mood!

When we first started to develop our restaurant concept we all agreed in a people first approach. As long as we are going to open up a restaurant, we are going to do so for the right reasons with the highest standards and goals. It is important to do our very best to make the work we ask people to do for us meaningful. We strive to deliver authentic Montana hospitality meeting each guest and team member where they uniquely stand. We want the work our team members perform to be of the quality where they might later look back at and say “hey, that was an important dinner” or “what I learned about modern management at Central Feed was an important part of my leadership development” for their career down the road.

Central Feed empowers each team member to make decisions on-time, to be leaders, to be authentic to each guest we even have discussions about how to listen openly. These lay the foundation for what we now refer to as “Authentic Montana Hospitality” our guests remember and talk about. We understand building confidence, capability, life skills and instilling a sense of pride in the work we perform is unique to Central Feed. Our team members are “one” and we absolutely love FEEDING our guests.   Come in for an incredible ribeye steak and try one of our eight craft beers on draft.  Then, pay attention to how pleasant and kind our team delivered service to your table.  That nice feeling is The Central Feed Grilling Way at Work! 


Food Philosophy

Feed...we mean food is what we do. It is what we stand behind. It is what defines us. We strive to provide guests with an outstanding menu prepared with the highest standards consistently and with great passion. We also strive to wow you with the unexpected, nightly features created by our culinary team paired with delicious craft beers and fine wines.


We encourage our chefs to delight the palate with every bite. Every ingredient at Central Feed Grilling Co. has a meaningful purpose, when combined, results in bold and addictive profiles and flavors! As we were developing the restaurant concept, it was important to us to source as much produce and meats locally. We decide what your steak eats before you eat your steak.


At CFGC, we strive to be “something to someone” meaning we will provide the freshest products consistently and will meet each guest where they uniquely stand. Keep exploring our menu, share some small plates with friends and ask a team member to recommend a pairing. Enjoy a more obscure red wine from our basement wine cellar paired perfectly with the Chef Feature of the night. Your vice is on our menu, it’s in our craft beer and it’s easily found in our beautiful selection of wine. The only reason you will not like Central Feed Grilling Company is if you don’t like food. But you do. So know our culinary team will passionately prepared your dinner and our hydrologist will be doing the dishes tonight too! 


In our very first discussions of what our restaurant would be, we made a choice to do things the right way. We made a choice to be different, to push boundaries of what a restaurant should and could be. Central Feed Grilling Company is inspired by high quality products sourced in the state of Montana with seafood shipped one day off of the docks. All restaurants claim to have the best food and best service, CFGC no doubt possesses the highest of standards here, but what makes us unique is our people and culture. We strive to provide you with the best of everything delivered with authentic Montana hospitality.

We care about giving each guest exactly what they want. We are a house of “yes” and champion your win. Behind the scenes we develop leaders, work as a team and love what we do each and every day. We know with creativity, passion and attention to detail our work will lead to a dining experience that brings you back time and again.

With Big Spring Brewing next door, we have two unique facilities under one roof. Two suites is better than one and we think that’s pretty darn sweet!  With this, look for brewery fresh craft beer and rotating handles from other breweries in the state of Montana.  

We love to showcase our culinary facility, grab a buddy and have our chef show you how we hand- craft each steak. You will see the passion and love we put into each plate at Central Feed Grilling Company. Food is after all "love."  


Nutrition & Allergies

Since we can’t be everything to everybody, we strive to be

something to someone. You deserve our best efforts! Where nutrient density and whole food nutrition is concerned, we have options for you.


We are not a “gluten free” facility. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a carnivore, we have nutritional and dietary options to help FEED you in a fashion complimenting your health or fitness goals. Why make the extra effort to custom design a meal for a single guest unique to them? Because everyone deserves to have his or her dinner made the way they want it.


Our guest is the purpose of our work! You have a voice we listen to and value. Yes, catering to your specific needs can be a challenge, but we passionately accept it and are driven to FEED you. 

Central Feed


We opened our restaurant in Lewistown,

Montana because we are active members of our community and wanted to create a space bringing people from all walks of life, with all sorts of passions, together for great food. We are a neighbor. We are a friend. We are here for you. We play many roles. Some days, our restaurant can be a hang-out, a gathering spot for everyone to enjoy a craft beer and a sirloin steak. Others, we can be a donor to a great cause.


Central Feed


When we decided on our location, we knew what was there before we were. So do others in our great community. All people have memories associated with Main Street U.S.A. We all remember going for long drives looking out of the car windows at amazing landscapes. Why ask people to forget? Instead, why not work with the materials and natural character of the people and businesses who came before us? Why not share the past by revealing and often uncovering the unique, core aspects of our one hundred year old brick building? We have locally crafted brick we absolutely love! From the flooring, walls to our wine cellar that is located in a vintage safe, our architects and designers are merging the past with the present.


You most likely will appreciate the kinds of materials we choose. Materials fitting our Main Street Lewistown neighborhood. We understand the importance of making the past a part of what we offer at Central Feed Grilling Company. We even named the restaurant to honor the vintage signage on the building.


We feel our restaurant is worth the drive, a great destination for anyone who appreciates integrity and quality. Make sure you “check in” and tell us where you drove in from! You are part of the family at CFGC.



The environment is important. Everyone understands this. We try to do our part. Every day. In little ways. It’s not about being “green” it’s simply about using our food, craft beer and wine to make our planet a better place. To make Lewistown a showcase for a certain integrity we believe makes Montana the best state in the Union. From naturally-raised meats to how we source produce, we strive to leave as small of an imprint as possible.


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